All of our polls are built around a simple user interface however, we can customize every polling to be based around a Net Promoter Score or detailed with multiple questions.  We handle everything from contacting the client via email, generating data driven content for each question and collecting the necessary data.


End users are most prone to respond to a third party for market research and polling versus directly from the source.  We collect more honest data than you could on your own.  Doing so allows you to make better decisions in your operations and can even help you mitigate common issues before residents go public with their reviews.


Market research firms charge an absurd amount to collect simple, yet critical, information; and while third party polling services can be just a few hundred dollars, they require your valuable time and lack the anonymity that end users desire.  Our plans are flat rate and affordable, making our services the best investment for your business.

You are working with the best!

Our team at Gloss Data is committed to helping residential developments collect accurate and valuable data from their residents to help property managers make the greatest property possible for current residents, but also mitigate any negative occurrences that are unknown and could get out to public review sites which only negatively impact the chance of gaining new residents.

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To get started with Gloss Data, please fill out the form on this page so that we can schedule a consultation call.  This call will last no more than 30 minutes and helps us get a better understanding of the polling services that you will need.